Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Recession Times Roundup

Nouriel Roubini has an informative post titled 'The consensus is moving from the soft vs. hard landing debate towards how severe the hard landing will be.'

The Fed dropped rates today, but it will it be enough to prevent a recession?

Check out Economic Disconnect. Lots of information to digest. mmm, mmm good!


james said...

Princeton University economist Paul Krugman discusses the aftermath of the housing bubble here. It's a YouTube video that takes a little over an hour.

Payday Loan Advocate said...

Like many Americans who make up that growing class of “disillusioned” voters, I watched the latest “town hall”-style TV debate between Barack Obama and John McCain with my expectations held firmly in check. No matter how many direct questions you ask a politician, regardless of their party affiliation, the answers you receive will resemble generalized sound bites. The New York Times described it as “90 minutes of forced cordiality,” and I must agree. While the exchange was “mercifully free” of personal attacks (according to the Boston Globe), the result was that it was free of much of the tension that makes for compelling television. McCain continued to trumpet experience, his “stay the course” stance on Iraq (seriously, he could have been G.H. Bush’s understudy) and his oil drilling policies. Obama continued to criticize Republican policies that he claims have led America into its current recession. If all were based upon the candidates’ performance here, we’d have no idea exactly how either of them would work to avert pending economic catastrophe. A coherent economic proposal is what America needs. Obama’s stance on “predatory lending” – effectively sanctioning payday advance lenders – is not a coherent solution to the real economic problems we face. That’s just a juicy steak to feed the banking and credit union dogs.

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Anonymous said...

Well it seems to me that we in Malaysia are suffering from high inflation and boom in our economy, we have to import in foreign labour for undesirable jobs that none of our citizens wants to work at. China, Indonesia and Singapore are also booming, an example would be a dessert I bought a month ago was $ 1.20 in local currency and currently is selling at $ 1.80 which shows high inflation... The job market is also good with 2 jobs available for 1 worker, leading to high wage growth, hence we have to import in labour. We found out after March 2009 that we were not going to go into a Recession, imagine our surprise when we were told we were going to go into a Recession, we suspect we were saved by China's boom and growth !

Highest CD Rates said...

I hope the step to drop rates was not enough to prevent recession. Instead the Federal Government should have done something more to prevent it.